Maximilian Pelzmann is an Irish born visual artist.

Maximilian Pelzmann’s Public Sculptures are exhibited in both Europe and the United States, with millions of the viewing public having had the opportunity to actually physically interact with some of his larger works, which the artist feels “breaks down some of the classical barriers that art should be seen and not touched.”

“I firmly believe that artwork within our environment enriches our lives, as it becomes a part of signifying who we are as a society today and what our cultural identity is about. Throughout my creative process, I consolidate inspiration from the shapes, colors, and images within our organic and non-organic past and also from our further developing-technological and engineered world. In short, my goal is to create and exhibit artwork that interprets and demonstrates the visually permanent metaphors hidden behind our experiences that connect all of our lives.”

It has been noted by art critiques that Maximilian Pelzmann’s sculptures follow the parameters and paradigms of Henry Moore and Jean Arp, as well as the art and humanized nature of the Neo-Concrete movement and Anglo-Saxon technological repertoires.”

Maximilian Pelzmann exhibits his artwork internationally. He lives and works in the New York City Area and in the San Sebastian area in the Basque region of Northern Spain.